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IT security

LANx GmbH has been our IT service provider since 2010 and has been certified under DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 (quality management).

We focus on ensuring a high availability IT landscape, fail-safety measures and meticulous backup of all relevant business data.

  • Our IT service provider guarantees a response time of 2 hours
  • Security updates are installed immediately after release
  • Two separate firewalls; the main firewall is redundant
  • Fail-safety is ensured by two independent Internet connections
  • Fail-safety is ensured by two mail servers (Exchange DAG Cluster)
  • Fail-safety is ensured by storage of all key business data on two physically separate servers (with permanent data replication)
  • Fail-safety is ensured by two Active Directory domain controllers
  • As backup, all redundant systems are maintained on separate hardware systems as virtual servers
  • Our IT service provider continuously monitors all systems to identify faults immediately
  • Multi-level backup system: Database systems backup at 2-hourly intervals, full daily backups to network storage and tape
  • Weekly backups, stored externally in fireproof safe
  • Regular writeback tests of backed-up data during maintenance routines
  • Fail safety of server systems ensured by UPS equipment



Systematic processing of orders using customer relationship software (CRM) and enterprise resource planning software (ERP), which implements all relevant workflows and process steps in the creation of a valuation from order receipt to invoicing, and ensures timely delivery.

Our document archiving system is fully electronic and tamper-proof, and uses the document management system DocuWare. A role concept is in place to protect access to documents.



To reassure you that emails showing the sender as Lehn & Partner are genuine, we use X.509 keys (S/MIME) to sign all outgoing mails with the sender’s personal code. You can import this application into your email program and send us encrypted mails. If our mails to you have the attachment “smime.p7s” your email program is unable to process signed mails.

The world of business uses email as the data exchange system of choice. We prefer to send confidential information to you in encrypted form, and work with all common encryption programs:

  • S/MIME with X.509 certificates: The standard for secure business emailing. Our user certificates are included with every signed email from us. In addition, Lehn & Partner certificates are available at the Zertificon Global TrustPoint at www.globaltrustpoint.com.
  • PGP: Our public PGP key is available for download at www.globaltrustpoint.com. Enter in the Search field. The key is issued for our mail email address, ; however, you can also encrypt all mails to our personal email addresses at the @lehn-partner.com and @svlp.de domains.
  • PDF (encrypted): If you do not have an encryption key or certificate, we recommend the following solution: We send you confidential information as an encrypted PDF file and send a fixed password in advance, which applies to all further mails to you. You can also export the mail from the encrypted PDF file to your email program and archive or process it there as usual.

Global TrustPoint

All Lehn & Partner keys and certificates are stored at Zertificon’s Global TrustPoint at www.globaltrustpoint.com. To download the current user certificate, enter the email address of the recipient in Global TrustPoint’s search box, using the format .

When you mail us

If you send us a mail signed with your X.509 key, all future mails from us will be sent to you encrypted.

If you send your public PGP key or X.509 certificate (S/MIME) to our mail address at , all future mails from us will be sent to you encrypted.

If you do not have the option of PGP or S/MIME encryption, please send us your confidential information in a password-protected zip file or as a password-protected PDF document, and notify us of the password separately.


Data Privacy Terms