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LEHN-PARTNER Gesellschaft für Immobilienbewertung


Our scope of services

Our main focus is on current market valuations and mortgage lending value appraisals. We also produce court and arbitration reports and provide statements on virtually all property-related issues within our specialist areas (including reallocation, compensation and redevelopment issues). In addition, we provide consultation on property-specific topics, particularly in matters regarding inheritance, divorce and fiscal law.

Our history

Our wide-ranging, expert and independent consultancy services are built on around 40 years of experience. Our primary aim is to establish long-term client satisfaction – not merely to boost the numbers of valuations we deliver. This goal is reflected by our roster of long-standing clients, many of whom are second-generation. To reflect our high standards of valuation quality, we do not produce summary valuations.

Our clients

Our long-standing clients comprise legal and accounting practices as well as numerous asset management and investment companies, banks, pension funds and insurance companies. With our team of over 30 staff and partners, we process well over 2,000 valuations in Germany and major global investment markets every year, drawing on over 20 years of experience at key European and international investment locations and an extensive bank of evaluations.

Our market expertise / Types of property

As members of various experts’ committees and producers of numerous mortgage lending value appraisals, we have extensive knowledge of local markets and a good overview of their sub-markets. In addition to all types of residential property, our appraisals primarily include office and business properties, hotels and logistics properties. However, we also offer in-depth expertise in social properties such as hospitals, and in special-use properties including airports, golf courses and redevelopment sites.

Our research / Market research

Our company has a long tradition of cutting-edge research with professional archiving and comprehensive market data collection; this forms the basis for our production of in-depth expert reports. We worked with the IIP Institute at HBC, Biberach University of Applied Sciences, and other experts’ practices to establish a research and development project aimed at furthering the professionalisation of market research and analysis and the independence of external data.

Our staff / Qualifications

But our individual staff members are our most valuable resource. With backgrounds in a wide range of professional areas (e.g. geodesics, business management, economics, architecture), they represent a broad base of interdisciplinary knowledge underpinned by a variety of qualifications. In addition to providing ongoing external continuing training, we foster talent development and hold in-house training. Two of our members are publicly appointed and sworn experts, while eight more hold individual personal certification (see also under “Experts”).

Expert appraisals


We act as experts in the issue of fair and current market value reports in accordance with Art. 194 German Building Code (BauGB) and Art. 74 a Para. 5, German Act on Forced Sale and Sequestration (ZVG) and mortgage lending value appraisals in accordance with the German Regulation on the Determination of the Mortgage Lending Value (BelWertV). We hold certifications including HypZert for financial purposes – CIS HypZert (F).



We are experts in the appraisal of developed and undeveloped properties; we are publicly certified and sworn and hold certification under DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024.

The designation of “expert” is not protected and can be used by anyone. However, there are various titles providing evidence of qualification. The most important of these is the status of publicly certified and sworn expert and certification under DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024.

Publicly certified and sworn expert

Germany is the only country to have publicly certified and sworn experts. Appointment as publicly certified and sworn expert can be granted by Chambers of Commerce and Industry, professional trade, agricultural, architectural or engineering associations, and by the regional councils of German states.

Applicants for the status of publicly certified and sworn expert must undergo an application process at all appointing institutions, involving thorough examination of candidates’ personal and professional qualifications for the issue of appraisals and their above-average degree of expertise. Only applicants able to demonstrate their personal and professional qualifications in this examination are eligible for public appointment. Publicly certified and sworn experts are generally appointed for a period of five years. Before reappointment, the appointing authority examines whether the candidate still fulfils all the requisite conditions, paying particular attention to whether the experts have fulfilled their obligation to undertake continuing training in their area of expertise.

Certification according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024

Individuals may be certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024, the European and individual standard regulating requirements for the bodies that perform certification of experts. The German Accreditation Office (DAkkS) is the highest-ranking certification body in Germany. The special qualification requirements for certified experts are based on conditions including completion of rigorous written and oral examinations, ongoing monitoring of appraisals issued, and the requirement of recertification after a maximum of five years.





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